About the Creator
God is good.

About the Site

Adventist In Business is an invite only Adventist Business network meant to connect business owners and those who wish to support them. It is a world wide network hoping to foster trust and good business transactions that are pleasing in God's sight. We believe that fair prices should be paid and quality work delivered in exchange for those fair prices.

The site is free to use, and we hope it will be very useful all over the world.

About the creator
I'm Andrae, and by the grace of God I developed this site. The inspiration first came early in 2015, and year after year I continued to see confirmations from God but took no steps toward the final product. Each time it came to mind, I would feel disappointed because I had not acted on the vision God had given me. But God is no respecter of persons, and he can even use the rocks or someone to else to build the site if he has to. So I decided in 2017 it was time to give up the dream or to finally build it. The very week I was ready to abandon it, I visited a church and someone I spoke to asked me to build a business network. I was shocked and yet inspired and realized that this was my writing on the wall, and I couldn't delay any more.

I'm glad to open Adventist In Business to the world for use.